Binary Options: scam or not?

Majority of people are looking for simple but income generating investments. This has resulted into the majority investing in the commodities, Forex markets or stock. However, the difficulty is finding money and time to the trading. For this reason, many people have resorted to binary options. These options are unique and simpler means of making the investment. They have both advantages and disadvantages.

Binary options are much simpler as compared to other type of investments. It only involves the monitoring of changes in market values. Actually, it is like monitoring if the value of a currency or a commodity is going up or down.

Binary options are characterized by large profits. One stands a chance to generate a profit of 65-81% percent on his or her investment capital. This is one of the largest profit margins one can make on investments.

Another major advantage of investing in binary options is the potential of getting substantial returns in a short duration. For instance, in less than an hour, one can make up to 80% profits on his or her small investment. With binary options, one is not subjected to the unknown. The investor is totally aware of what he or she stands to gain or lose before taking the risk. This is one of the points why binary options are not a scam.

Predicting the trends of stocks in a short duration may prove challenging due to the vitality experienced in the market. Predicting the direction that a stock is taking within one hour is very risky. Similar to the potential profits, the potential loses are also big.

When using online binary options brokers, one has fewer alternatives in relation to the assets that are available for selection. As an investor deals with his or her hard earned cash, it is vital to invest in a manner that will work for him or her. Binary options are a good way of achieving this if you are not put off by the risks and the fact that there are no visible assets. The beauty about this kind of investment is that one can start out is a small way and progressively grow.

In order to get the best binary options broker, one should carry out adequate research. These brokers are available online and charge different rates for their services. It is necessary for one to deal with a well reputed and experienced binary broker.

This is why binary options are not a scam.